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Taking a photo of the house.

Watercolor house portrait

There are many times of the year that may offer an opportunity to take a photo of a house. One period of time to consider is when there is no foliage on the trees. Features and details may be be better revealed which were otherwise obstructed by the foliage. Because I can create any season of your choice, that foliage can be re-introduced  whether it be spring, summer or fall.

In addition, the angle can be crucial in presenting the house with it’s best attributes.Your position when taking the photo will determine what is disclosed. For example moving your location slightly may reveal a chimney, a doorway or a feature that you want to otherwise include. Submitting a few angles, will give me more to consider as I am creating the portrait. I will be happy to discus the options with you prior to starting the work. Since we are creating the image, artistic license can be employed to present the house in its best light.