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How to Order a House Portrait

watercolor house portraitOnce you’ve decided on watercolor, pen and ink, sepia wash, pen and ink wash, or pencil sketch, you’re then ready to order a house portrait. It’s easy.

1. TAKE several photos of the house.

To insure accuracy, please check the colors in your photos and confirm that they match the actual colors of the building prior to sending them.

If you are submitting digital photos, use at least a 5 megapixel camera (a resolution of 2,560 x 1900 or larger) and submit the images at their full resolution. You can submit them through the online order form. If you email them, do not let your email program resize the image down or compress the quality. And don’t resize a small image to make it larger.

2. SELECT AND IDENTIFY the principle view from which you want the picture to be drawn.

3. SUPPLEMENT this photo with close-up photos. These should include various elements and key features of the house (doors, windows, moulding, etc.). These photos are needed to view detail that is lost in the full-house photo. Also, consider sending along a paint swatch to better match the color of your home’s exterior. The sun can play quite a few tricks with color when it comes to photos. You can find these at almost any paint or home improvement store.

There are two options for placing your order…

Online Store Icon
4A. Use either the ONLINE STORE (Click here) or…


Mailbox Icon4B. PRINT OUT the Sebes Art Studio ORDER FORM (Click here) and fill in all of the information. Indicate your choice of picture type and size along with the total amount of the order along with any questions or concerns about the photos or the portrait. You will then need to MAIL or EMAIL your completed order form with your photos along with a check or money order for half of the total cost made out to Joseph Sebes. Sending total payment in advance will save you the additional C.O.D. costs when the finished portrait is shipped to you. Mail this to:

The Sebes Art Studio
221 Beacon Hill Rd.
Califon, New Jersey 07830

Make sure you indicate if you need the portrait by a specific date. Once your portrait is completed, you will be contacted by phone and emailed a photo of the finished artwork for approval before it is carefully packed and shipped to you.

Feel free to ask any questions about the artwork. If you are mailing you payment and order form, you can also send your photos to

Also consider a gift certificate, which makes a perfect gift for any homeowner.